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Anthoor Law Group understands the current need for change in business practices to accommodate and support shelter in place orders to keep our community safe. To ensure we do our part to keep you safe and informed of your legal rights, we are bringing our firm to you! We are proud to announce that Anthoor Law Group has teamed up with Moxtra to ensure more efficient and secure forms of communication for our Read More

Coronavirus and Child Support

Today we are living in a world that just a few weeks to a month or two ago, most of us never would have imagined. As we face our new reality, we rush to put systems in place that will allow us a semblance of normalcy and keep us closer to our routines and order from before. For parents who rely on child support payments from their formal partners, there’s a big question looming: How will coronavirus impact child Read More

Taking Care of Our Heroes

Dear ALG Family, The everyday heroes of our community that have  positioned themselves on the front-lines of this pandemic to protect us need our support. We understand that essential workers are anxious for their families' future. Which is why we are here to ease your tensions by doing what we do best, helping you plan for your future today Anthoor Law Group has always emphasized the need for having an Read More

We Care

Hi everyone!    We understand how stressful life is at this time, especially if there is tension within a household. Maybe prior to the quarantine life you and your spouse were on the verge of filing for divorce or there maybe be more fights due to having to spend much more time together. Whatever your situation maybe, please remember that we are here for you. You do not have to stay in an abusive relationship, or Read More

What is Annulment?

Annulment is commonly thought of as an option for ending a marriage but is, in fact, a finding by a judge that there never was a valid marriage to begin with.  According to the text of the California Family Code, an annulled marriage or domestic partnership is deemed to be voided and judged to be a “nullity.” Another misconception is that the length of your marriage has anything to do with getting an annulment. For Read More

Feeling Trapped in Your Marriage? Here are your Legal Options

Even if your arranged marriage doesn’t meet the standard to be considered a “forced” marriage, you may have experienced pressure from friends or family members to tie the knot with your spouse. Conversely, you might have been too young or been tricked into a marriage. In any case, being stuck in a marriage in which you did not fully consent can have you feeling hopeless. Fortunately, no marriage situation is Read More

What Exactly is Estate Planning?

When you hear the word “estate,” you might think of large tracts of land and expensive property left by wealthy people after their passing. The truth is that anyone who wants to leave something behind for their loved ones or has any preferences on how his or her end-of-life decisions should be handled will benefit from an estate plan. Although it may make you uncomfortable dealing with issues that have to do with the Read More

Can I get an Annulment instead of a Divorce?

Nullity of Marriage, also referred to as an annulment, is one of the options that you have to end a marriage.  There are many advantages to an annulment. However, for a nullity of marriage to be an option you must have a void or voidable marriage. Void vs. Voidable marriages A void marriage is one that was never valid from the start because of incest and bigamy. A voidable marriage is one that is voidable by either Read More

Can I get Spousal Support?

Spousal support is a means to assure that, in a divorce, the spouse with the least amount of income will be compensated enough to allow a standard of living comparable to what they are accustomed to. Some factors that will be considered in determining the amount of California spousal support to be paid are: Length of the marriage Age and health of both parties Supported party’s marketable abilities Amount of support Read More

Should I get a Pre-Nup?

A Prenuptial agreement can protect assets you acquired before your marriage. If you are planning on getting married, you and your future spouse may want to at least consider signing a prenuptial agreement, which can protect your interests in the event of a divorce. Even if you do not think such a document is the right fit for you, discussing it will at least get you thinking about the effect your marriage will have Read More