Can I get an Annulment instead of a Divorce?

Nullity of Marriage, also referred to as an annulment, is one of the options that you have to end a marriage.  There are many advantages to an annulment. However, for a nullity of marriage to be an option you must have a void or voidable marriage. Void vs. Voidable marriages A void marriage is one that was never valid from the start because of incest and bigamy. A voidable marriage is one that is voidable by either Read More

Can I get Spousal Support?

Spousal support is a means to assure that, in a divorce, the spouse with the least amount of income will be compensated enough to allow a standard of living comparable to what they are accustomed to. Some factors that will be considered in determining the amount of California spousal support to be paid are: Length of the marriage Age and health of both parties Supported party’s marketable abilities Amount of support Read More

Should I get a Pre-Nup?

A Prenuptial agreement can protect assets you acquired before your marriage. If you are planning on getting married, you and your future spouse may want to at least consider signing a prenuptial agreement, which can protect your interests in the event of a divorce. Even if you do not think such a document is the right fit for you, discussing it will at least get you thinking about the effect your marriage will have Read More

Do I need a Living Trust?

Similar to a will, a trust gives you the power to decide how your assets are handled. The main difference between a will and trust is that the latter is enacted while you're still living. Living trusts can be classified as either revocable or irrevocable. Deciding which trust is right for you can be difficult, but Anthoor Law Group  can help. With a properly drafted trust, you can retain control of your assets and Read More

What is the Purpose of a Living Will?

In a living will, you can declare your specific wishes on medical care in the event that you become incapacitated. Since the decision to receive life prolonging treatment is often very personal, it can be helpful to map this out ahead of time for your loved ones. For example, you can specify whether or not you would like to receive: Dialysis for kidney failure Pain Killers or aids Food and water to prolong Read More

Putting the Children First

  Parents are free to reach their own custody and visitation arrangements. An amicable agreement is best for all, as it avoids arbitrary decisions by a judge who is unfamiliar with your needs.  The Superior Court of California also provides a free mediation service for parents called the conciliation court.  Sometimes, however, one party cannot or will not accommodate the other parent’s wishes in this emotionally Read More

Need a Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. The choice to seek divorce can be a difficult decision, especially when children are involved. We represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorce. At Anthoor Law Group, our attorneys listen to you and answer all of your questions. We then evaluate your situation and advise you of all your options under the law. Our goal is Read More

What is Probate and Why is it so Problematic?

When someone deceases without a will or trust it goes through Probate and distributed according to state law.  Probate is not desirable because of the following reasons: Cost - Under probate, you may be subjected to estate taxes, lawyer fees, and court costs Time - The process may take anywhere from six months to as long as two years to close Privacy - When your estate undergoes probate, the information and value of Read More