Taking Care of Our Heroes

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Dear ALG Family,

The everyday heroes of our community that have  positioned themselves on the front-lines of this pandemic to protect us need our support. We understand that essential workers are anxious for their families’ future. Which is why we are here to ease your tensions by doing what we do best, helping you plan for your future today

Anthoor Law Group has always emphasized the need for having an action plan for you and your family. Due to the uncertainty of this pandemic it is now more important than ever to have a will, trust, guardianship for minor children, medical health care directives, power of attorney, etc.. 

*Our firm is now offering a 25% discount to all essential workers needing an Estate Plan. Your safety and health is our highest priority; which is why we are able to guide, prepare, and review the Estate Plans virtually with our experienced Attorneys. 

If you, your spouse, relative, friend, or someone you know is an essential worker, please send them our way to take advantage of this promotional offer to secure a better future for themselves and their family.  

We understand that it is a scary time in our lives, but let us be compassionate and lift each other up and be grateful for those who are fighting the battle against this pandemic for us. #WeSupportOurCommunity

*This offer will extend to 3 months after the shelter in place order is lifted.*


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