Putting the Children First

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Parents are free to reach their own custody and visitation arrangements. An amicable agreement is best for all, as it avoids arbitrary decisions by a judge who is unfamiliar with your needs. The Superior Court of California also provides a free mediation service for parents called the conciliation court.

Sometimes, however, one party cannot or will not accommodate the other parent’s wishes in this emotionally charged process. In these cases, you can feel confident that Anthoor Law Group will provide aggressive protection of your parental rights and interests!

Types of Custody:

  • Legal Custody: This is generally shared by both parents even if the children live primarily with one parent. It refers to the ability to make decisions concerning the health, education and welfare of a minor child.
  • Physical Custody: This refers to the actual living arrangement of a child. Often, one parent has primary physical custody — the child resides with and is under that parent’s supervision most of the time — while the other parent has visitation rights. If the child resides for significant amounts of time in both parents’ respective homes, both parents are said to have joint physical custody.
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