Benefits of Having a Father in Child’s Life

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Based on outdated information and antiquated gender norms, mothers have historically received most of the time with their children after a divorce. The pendulum has swung the other way in recent years, but many are still mis- and under informed about the benefits of having both parents in children’s lives. To highlight Father’s Day, Anthoor Law Group has compiled a list of benefits for having father involved in their children’s lives – especially after divorce. 

  1. Studies have strongly suggested that children with both parents’ involvement are more likely to succeed academically. Children of divorce whose fathers still contribute to parenting them are shown to be better prepared when entering school and are likely to achieve high grades. Delinquency rates also tend to decrease when both parents are involved. 
  2. Children are shown to have better social-emotional skills. Having the presence of fathers in children’s lives has shown to have positive effects on their social and cognitive development, as well as emotional intelligence. 
  3. Lower rates of depression and anxiety and high levels of self esteem of children are associated with involvement of their fathers. Decreased levels of self-doubt and fear are also associated with children who enjoyed the involvement of both parents. 
  4. Involvement of fathers is correlated with more ambitious career aspirations for their daughters. A major contributor to this is the elevated sense of self-worth and confidence fathers can instill in their daughters. 

What Does California Law Say About Fathers and Child Custody?

Fortunately, in California, both parents begin child custody proceedings with an assumptively equal opportunity to get sufficient parenting time with their children. Again, this is a departure from previous norms, which saw children of divorce often be placed with their mothers for sole custody arrangements. When courts are forced to decide the issue of child custody, they heavily lean on the “best interests” standard, which evaluates the living situation that would be in the child’s best interests. 

A child’s school, extracurricular activities, and medical needs are all factors that are involved in their best interests. And, increasingly, courts are beginning to recognize that the involvement of fathers in children’s lives are in their best interests, as well. 


There is an abundance of research that continues to reiterate the importance and benefits of having fathers involved in their children’s lives, before and after divorce. Too often, though, fathers have an uphill battle in securing parenting time with their children. If you are needing competent and caring legal counsel for an upcoming child custody battle, please consider reaching out to Anthoor Law Group today. We are continuing to serve the community during these uncertain times; call us at 510-794-2887 or reach us through our website.

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