4 New Year’s Resolutions For Divorced Parents

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The New Year is a time to look back on all that has changed in the past twelve months and what direction you want to move towards going forward. For parents who are recently divorced, or currently in the process of divorcing, that change can be a lot. When your day-to-day life looks so different than it did a year ago, where should your priorities lie?

This New Year, let’s look forward to the ways that divorced parents can improve their interactions and relationships with each other. Wouldn’t that make things a little easier? For divorced parents, here are 4 New Year’s Resolutions to commit to:

Focus On the Kids

Remember that you and your ex-spouse have something in common: you both love your children very much, and you both want the best for them. Focus all your interactions with your ex-spouse around that common purpose. What happened between you two before is not necessarily relevant to the current relationship, which is just raising your children well and consistently.

Communicate Clearly

Do you feel like you’re spending way too much time talking with your ex? Communicate more clearly, not more often. Take the time to be purposeful and intentional with your communication so you can be certain you both are on the same page right away. Then, there’s no need for extra time wasted.

Take Time For Yourself

Remember that it is important to spend some quality time with yourself in the middle of raising children. Find something that relaxes you – whether that’s cooking, taking a bath, jogging, or watching a movie alone – and be purposeful in setting some personal time aside to enjoy it.

Compare and Despair

Remember that co-parenting is not a competition. Your children love you because you are their parent and they get to spend time with you. It doesn’t matter to them who gets them what for the holidays, or who takes them where for vacation, or who has the cleaner house on a regular basis. Avoid the trap of constant comparison in your head. Simply enjoy the time you spend with your children while you all are together!

Get the Help You Need

At Anthoor Law Group, we believe in caring and compassion. We know that the way for families to recover from divorce is through respect and time spent together. For help with any divorce or family law legal matters, contact Anthoor Law Group today! We are your local Bay Area family law firm!

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