4 Back-to-School Tips for Divorced Spouses

Usually, it seems like summer lasts about two weeks and the kids are soon back off to school. 2020 is a unique year, though. Still, many schools are set to reopen this fall. The start of school presents many challenges to divorced spouses that must coordinate the logistics of getting their children to and from school and extracurricular activities. If you are in this situation, consider making use of the following pieces of advice this school year.  

1. Go to parent-teacher night or meet with your kid’s teachers directly. Teachers generally appreciate when parents are proactive about speaking with them about what is going on in their kid’s lives. If your divorce is still fresh or your child is still dealing with it by the time school rolls back around, let their teachers know about the situation and productive ways to deal with any outbursts, tantrums, or misbehavior. Meet your child’s teachers together with your ex if at all possible. If nothing else, letting teachers know about your co-parenting situation is helpful. 

2. Coordinate with your ex-spouse about back-to-school expenses. There is a chance your divorce agreement designates the spouse responsible for buying school supplies; in this case, simply adhere to the agreement. If this is uncharted territory for you, let your spouse know which items you would like to purchase and ask them to pick up the rest. Try to keep the costs equal between the two of you. 

3. Carve out a time weekly or monthly to communicate with your ex about your child’s  academic performance. If you and your ex-spouse are on cordial terms, you can set aside a time each month to just chat about your child’s experiences in school and how they’re learning and progressing. Depending on your exact custody schedule, though, it may be necessary to talk more frequently than that, especially if you and your ex have physical custody an equal amount of time. 

4. Monitor your child’s grades closely. The grades your child earns could be a reliable indicator of how well they are adjusting to your divorce. It is not at all uncommon for children to perform poorly in school when they are dealing with the stress of their parents’ divorce. If this happens to your kid, understand that this effect is not out of the ordinary. Consider reaching out to a mental health professional for your child if poor grades start becoming the norm.

While your child is the one being graded with A’s and B’s, it is you and your ex-spouse who have the responsibility to earn high marks in co-parenting. We hope you can use the tips we have provided to ace any tests that come up this school year! If you need legal assistance with child custody proceedings, your divorce, or any other family law matter, reach out to Anthoor Law Group here through our website or by phone at 510-794-2887.

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