What California’s Proposition 19 Means For You

A lot was going on in the November 2020 election. One proposition that made its way onto ballots in California—and was narrowly approved by voters—was Proposition 19. This measure, which went into effect on Feb. 16, 2021, makes several changes to the state’s property tax rules. Many estate planners who own homes in California need to be aware of the restrictions Proposition 19 puts on inheritors of California Read More

Need to Change Your California Custody or Visitation Order?

Even in normal (non-pandemic) circumstances, our lives can change so much from year to year. We can anticipate some of these changes, but life is mostly about adapting to changes. Those who have children with an ex understand the need for modifying one or more court orders that have to do with the children’s care. Children’s needs change, and parents sometimes aren’t able to provide the same level of support as they Read More

What is a Special Needs Trust?

A trust is an incredibly useful estate planning tool for many Californians. While there are many different types of trusts, one of the main purposes of a trust is to have a separate owner for assets that are placed (funded) into the trust. The trustee manages the assets in the trust and distributes them to beneficiaries as laid out in the trust’s instructions.  A commonly used trust in the U.S. is a special Read More

How Should You Financially Prepare for Divorce?

Readying your finances for divorce is one of the most important things to do before you file the divorce petition and serve your spouse with the papers. While you need to make sure you have enough to make ends meet during the legal proceedings, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on your post-divorce life. Our guide below can help you get up to speed on the important financial considerations. 1. Track your expenses. To Read More

Going Through Divorce? Don’t Forget About Updating Your Estate Plan!

When you’re in the middle of divorce proceedings, anything having to do with your life beyond the present and immediate future could be far from your mind. And, that’s completely understandable. Anthoor Law Group completely understands the emotions and feelings you’re experiencing, as we have helped countless people navigate these difficult times. It’s important, however, not to forget about your estate Read More

Estate Planning: Guardianship for Your Minor Children

It’s tough to think about—who will take care of your young kids if something were to happen to you tomorrow? While you might be tempted to banish these thoughts, your sudden absence from your kids’ lives is far better to prepare for than the alternative. To wade into these waters, you’ll need to know a thing or two about guardianship in California. This blog will hit the high points so you know what your kids might Read More

Estate Planning: What’s in It For You and Your Family?

We hear the words “estate planning,” and many of us conjure images of sprawling mansions with well-manicured lawns and dramatic fights over family inheritances. The truth is, estate planning is not reserved for the wealthy and famous. If you are over 18, you would almost certainly benefit from having a plan in place for your estate. You could argue that estate planning is essential for a majority of U.S. adults; Read More

What Does It Take to Modify Child Support?

Sometimes, sudden changes in our circumstances require us to request changes in court-mandated orders. Oftentimes, these shifts in circumstances are financial, whether it’s losing or landing a job, suffering an unexpected yet costly crisis, or getting incarcerated. When it comes to child support orders, though, there are a few other reasons that might spur a modification request: a noteworthy change in how much time Read More

Parental Alienation: What It is and What to Do About It

A fair amount of contested divorces become quite nasty, which is obviously not ideal but often unavoidable for the couples involved. High-conflict divorces become quite serious when children are involved; in fact, a common cause of contested divorces is disagreements over custody arrangements.  Occasionally, parents will go to extreme (and immoral) lengths during their divorce to tilt things in their favor Read More

Domestic Violence: Escaping the Situation While Protecting Your Kids

An unfortunate effect of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders is the increased risk of domestic violence among family units. This can obviously be a scary situation for victims; doubly so if you have children you are worried about. The good news is there are relatively simple and efficient ways to petition for a restraining order against a family or household member. This blog will go over the tools available for Read More