Estate Planning: Guardianship for Your Minor Children

It’s tough to think about—who will take care of your young kids if something were to happen to you tomorrow? While you might be tempted to banish these thoughts, your sudden absence from your kids’ lives is far better to prepare for than the alternative. To wade into these waters, you’ll need to know a thing or two about guardianship in California. This blog will hit the high points so you know what your kids might Read More

Estate Planning: What’s in It For You and Your Family?

We hear the words “estate planning,” and many of us conjure images of sprawling mansions with well-manicured lawns and dramatic fights over family inheritances. The truth is, estate planning is not reserved for the wealthy and famous. If you are over 18, you would almost certainly benefit from having a plan in place for your estate. You could argue that estate planning is essential for a majority of U.S. adults; Read More

What Does It Take to Modify Child Support?

Sometimes, sudden changes in our circumstances require us to request changes in court-mandated orders. Oftentimes, these shifts in circumstances are financial, whether it’s losing or landing a job, suffering an unexpected yet costly crisis, or getting incarcerated. When it comes to child support orders, though, there are a few other reasons that might spur a modification request: a noteworthy change in how much time Read More

Parental Alienation: What It is and What to Do About It

A fair amount of contested divorces become quite nasty, which is obviously not ideal but often unavoidable for the couples involved. High-conflict divorces become quite serious when children are involved; in fact, a common cause of contested divorces is disagreements over custody arrangements.  Occasionally, parents will go to extreme (and immoral) lengths during their divorce to tilt things in their favor Read More

Domestic Violence: Escaping the Situation While Protecting Your Kids

An unfortunate effect of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders is the increased risk of domestic violence among family units. This can obviously be a scary situation for victims; doubly so if you have children you are worried about. The good news is there are relatively simple and efficient ways to petition for a restraining order against a family or household member. This blog will go over the tools available for Read More

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Will?

This may come as a surprise to you, but if you own any property or assets in California, the state has already come up with a Last Will and Testament for you. It isn’t signed by your attorney, and your family members don’t know anything about it, but it exists and is referred to as the “intestate succession laws.” This blog will take a look at these laws and how they affect estates of individuals who never got around Read More

Questionnaire Tips Series: What Will Happen to my Children?

A common question couples ask during an initial consultation is what will happen to our children if we both decease?  If both parents decease the children will be taken care of by the guardian(s) you appoint in your Estate Plan. If you do not name a legal guardian during your lifetime and both parents are deceases,  then your child's custody will be determined by Probate during a Guardianship Read More

4 Back-to-School Tips for Divorced Spouses

Usually, it seems like summer lasts about two weeks and the kids are soon back off to school. 2020 is a unique year, though. Still, many schools are set to reopen this fall. The start of school presents many challenges to divorced spouses that must coordinate the logistics of getting their children to and from school and extracurricular activities. If you are in this situation, consider making use of the following Read More

Questionnaire Tips Series: Who should I put down as my Trustee?

What is a trustee? A trustee is a fiduciary, which means he or she holds a position of trust and confidence and is subject to strict responsibilities and very high standards. For example, the trustee cannot use your trust's assets for his or her own personal use or benefit without your explicit permission. Instead, the trustee must hold and use trust assets solely for the benefit of the trust's Read More

4 Travel Tips for Divorced Spouse During Covid-19

This time of year usually means the beaches are packed and everyone is enjoying the summer months with their children. 2020 presents some obvious obstacles to these pastimes, and that vacation you and your children were looking forward to might have had to be put on hold, but there is a good possibility you may get to (safely) take a few days and do something fun with your children. On top of working out all the Read More