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Estate planning is essential to not only your assets, but to the well-being of your family as well. There are two ways you can properly handle your assets: by creating a will. A will is the most common document, and is used to specify how an estate should be handled after death.

The advantages of having a meticulously crafted will can include:

  • Planning for unexpected situations, such as sudden death or mental disability
  • Designating how your assets will be distributed by the Court
  • Post-death instructions, such as disinheritance or guardianship of minors

By implementing a will into your estate plan, this decision can greatly benefit you and your family. Because every family is different, yours may even gain from having both a will and a living trust in your estate plan. Anthoor Law Group, APC can help you determine the right choice for your situation.

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There are many aspects to consider when drafting wills, but Anthoor Law Group, APC can make the process easier for you. We can tailor our effective approach to better suit your family's specific needs or long-term goals.

Anthoor Law Group, APC is known for our unique business approach:

  • Vast knowledge of estate planning laws
  • Solution-oriented firm
  • Cost-effective and speedy results
  • Flexible hours
  • Weekend availability

During your appointment, we listen to your needs and help you determine exactly how you want your property managed. Through our legal services, we can help you create a document that satisfies you.

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A will provides instructions on the division of your money and property. Due to their importance, it's pertinent you receive legal assistance in drafting a clear and comprehensive document. Our estate planning attorneys at Anthoor Law Group, APC can verify that your interests and intentions are explicitly stated. Whether you're looking to name a specific person guardian of your child or disinherit your child from receiving any part of the estate, we're here to make sure your will effectively reflects your interests.

Having helped clients with their estate planning for 14 years, you can trust our legal team to offer you the same cost-effective solutions. Our lawyers are fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam to better accommodate your needs. With our help, you can be confident that your estate is in the right hands.

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