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Licensed to Practice in India

Proper estate planning can ensure families retain control of their properties and businesses. However, if you are a current California resident who still has assets in India, this process can get complicated. Most estate planning attorneys have little, if any, knowledge of the legal system in a foreign country.

Attorney Anthoor has been licensed to practice in India for more than a decade. She can provide strategic estate planning guidance on how to efficiently safeguard your resources in India. As a Fremont estate planning attorney, she has the experience necessary to help you protect your family's possessions.

About Anthoor Law Group, APC: Devoted to Helping You Abroad

As a boutique law firm with 3 convenient locations to suit the growing needs of our clients, we at Anthoor Law Group, APC are completely devoted to making certain your rights are completely protected. For nearly 20 years, Ms. Anthoor and her team has handled all types of estate planning needs for clients. Whether you are a California resident or are a non-resident Indian (NRI) residing in the United States, our firm can be relied upon to provide you with the world-class legal advocacy that you truly deserve at this time.

If you are an NRI, you should consider retaining our services if you:

  • Own real properties in India
  • Own houses, plots of land or farm land in India
  • Have an NRI account
  • Have an NRO account
  • Have provident funds
  • Have LIC policies

Our typical client is often an NRI who is a tech professional or a successful business owner with assets both in India and the U.S. As a licensed professional in India with more than 14 years of experience, Ms. Anthoor can provide you with careful guidance and assistance in your international estate planning matters. Should you need of estate planning help, or assistance for your business law matters here or abroad, choose to speak with our Fremont estate planning attorney.

By choosing to work with Anthoor Law Group, APC, you can be saving yourself invaluable time and money. Rather than expending your energy and your wallet on expensive travel costs to tend to your affairs in India, you can work with our estate planning lawyers to reach a cost-effective and comprehensive resolution. Our goal is simple: we want to help you to the best solution possible.

Preserve Your Estate for Future Generations

Many people put off estate planning, thinking it is complicated and unnecessary. However, a valid estate plan can actually ensure your assets are protected for future generations. Effective planning can prevent family disputes and provide for the proper administration of your assets. These plans set up the guidelines for the allocation of your estate, making sure it goes to the heirs that you have designated.

Attorney Anthoor and her team can assist with all matters of protecting your assets in India, including:

  • Wills
  • Public Trusts
  • Private Trusts
  • Naming of beneficiaries
  • Designating administrators / protectors

Our Firm Is Uniquely Qualified to Shelter Your Assets in India

Our firm has the knowledge and skill necessary to help you protect the assets that you have left behind in India, and ensure your wishes are followed in their distribution. As one of the few estate planning lawyers licensed to practice in India and the United States, Attorney Anthoor is knowledgeable of all the provisions governing wills in India. Regardless of your faith, she can assist you in drafting an effective will and trust.

Attorney Anthoor is fluent English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. We are eager to explain all options available to you and to craft your estate planning needs. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation !

We offer flexible hours, including weekends. Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation !510 794 2887

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